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    We know how important timely vision care is, so we begin seeing
    children at 6 months. We welcome special needs patients, and can
    provide care for the whole family. El doctor se habla espanol.

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Comprehensive eye care from the friendliest staff around

eye exams

We offer various comprehensive eye exams for all ages 6 months and up. Yearly eye exams check the prescription of your child as well as evaluate the general eye health, and are recommended for all ages.

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vision therapy

Vision therapy is often referred to as vision training. Many visual problems can't be fixed with glasses. A comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Nielsen can determine if your child would be in need of this program.

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youth eyewear

We offer a selection of over 400 frames ranging in sizes from infant to adult. Including flexible frames, designer frames, and quality sunglasses. Our optical staff can help find a style that fits your needs.

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contact lens fittings

Many children can wear contacts! Wearing contact lens for the first time can be a scary process, but our skilled staff can help. We happily offer training and instructions for all ages.

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see the difference in your child's learning

Set your child up for success with our Vision Therapy Program

At Children's Clear Vision, we know that good vision entails a healthy brain as well as good eyesight. That's why we offer visual information processing exams to catch things that normal eye exams may not. If your child is having difficulty reading or writing, suffers from poor coordination or balance, or is frustrated with school work, we may be able to help.

Our Vision Therapy program is unique and can be effective non-surgical treatment for lazy eye, double vision, convergence insufficiency, learning disabilities, and more.

This is a fun program designed reward kids for improving their visual information processing. Find out more today.

does your child need an eye exam?

Regular eye exams are imperative to your child's visual development and long-term health

Clear vision is important for everyone, but it's particularly vital during childhood development. Set your child up for success by removing any potential barriers to their learning process. Scheduling an exam will help determine if your child needs:

new perscriptions

Unlike adults, children may not realize their vision is becoming worse. Eye examns catch any change promptly.

preventative care

Regular eye exams can identify signs of eye disease. Don't be left in the dark when it comes to your child's visual health.

vision therapy

Our visual information processing exam will let you know if your child experiences any vision-related learning difficulties.

customer testimonials

"Dr Nielsen was great with my kids. I took in all 3 of them and he was very patient and detailed through out the exam. My kids love the glasses they have picked out and I will be using him as our fam 
- - Blanca
"I took my two and a half year old daughter there for concerns with a lazy eye. Dr. Nielsen was so good with her. He knew exactly how to work with her and communicate with her with her limited commun… 
- - Becky

over 400 frames to choose from

experience clear vision in style

At Children's Clear Vision, we have over 400 frames to choose from in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Our frames come with a variety of industry-leading features including light weight plastics, strong metals, durable hinges, and flexible technology. 

You'll find popular brands such as Ray Ban, Sperry, IGreen, Mira- Flex, Kensie, Jonathan Alder, Spine, Converse, Nike, Penguin, Tony Hawk, Nicole Miller, Flexon and more.