• Eye Exams

Eye Exams at Children's Clear Vision

At Children's Clear Vision, we aim to make every visit an enjoyable process for the whole family. Our friendly staff help ensure your children feel comfortable throughout the entire process. We have a family friendly waiting room with toys, books, and movies playing. 

Comprehensive Eye Exams

We offer various comprehensive eye exams for all ages 6 months and up. Yearly eye exams check the prescription of your child as well as evaluate the general health of the eye. Yearly exams are recommended for all ages. 

Binocular Vision Evaluation 

Binocular vision refers to using to two eyes in coordination to create a single visual field. When one eye is not in sync with the other, visual and perceptual problems may arise. During this exam many visual skills are tested including:  accommodation (eye focusing), ocular motility, depth perception, eye tracking, and many more conditions that my effect they eyes from working together. 

Causes for the exam:

  • Double vision
  • Headaches
  • Poor Depth perception
  • Eye turning


Red Eye Exams

Did you or your child wake up with pink eye? Experiencing itchy eyes, dryness, or other irritating symptoms? Red eyes can be cause by a various factors. Call in for same day appointments to get rapid treatment.

visual information processing exams

Setting your child up for success

Being able to understand and interpret what we see is a large part of vision referred to as Visual Information Processing. When most people think of good vision they think of 20/20 but what they neglect to realize is that the brain not the eyes, that interprets and processes what is seen. The visual skills that allow for proper information processing include visual memory (being able to remember what they saw), visual processing speed (how quickly they understand what they have seen), visual motor system (hand-eye coordination, transcribing what is seen), visual special system and many more. 

Causes for an exam:

  • Reversing letters or numbers when writing
  • Difficulty following left to right
  • Difficulty copying from the board
  • Know the material but has a difficult time 
  • Clumsy, bumping into things
  • School work is frustrating