• Eyewear Selection

Eyewear Selection

At Children's Clear Vision, we have over 400 frames to choose from in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Our frames come with a variety of industry-leading features including light weight plastics, strong metals, durable hinges, and flexible technology. 

You'll find popular brands such as Ray Ban, Sperry, IGreen, Mira- Flex, Kensie, Jonathan Alder, Spine, Converse, Nike, Penguin, Tony Hawk, Nicole Miller, Flexon and more.

We carry other products such as lens cleaners, night stand glasses holders, connectors, ortho patches.

Eyewear Warranty

We guarantee a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all frames. If there are any damages or breaks that are unfixable, frames may be replaced. Please bring broken frames into our trained staff for repairs. Do not attempt to fix on your own as this may void the warranty. 





Kensie Frames For Kids

eyewear for the active child

Protective glasses for every sport

Are you always running your child around to different sports and activities? Never worry about their day to day lenses getting broken during play again.

We carry Bolle sport protective glasses featuring shork absoprtion systems, platinum coatings, polycarbonate grade, and more!

To find out more give us a call today or ask about our protective sport glasses during your frame selection.