What makes you a "pediatric" optometrist?

Dr. Brandon Nielsen specialized in pediatrics during his residency after optometry school. This residency trained him in skills to better assess children's vision. Assessing eye health and prescribing to children can be challenging. Specialized equipment, procedures, and techniques help this process to be more accurate and less intimidating to children. Many eye conditions are unique to children and require special treatments and therapy such as vision therapy. Dr. Nielsen is equiped to treat them and trained in vision therapy. 

What insurance to you accept? 

We except most major insurances including: VSP, Blue Cross of Idaho, Medicaid, Regence Blue Shield, Davis Vision, Humana Specialty and Medicare. If you are concerned about coverage, our friendly staff is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your eligibity. We also offer Care Credit for those in need of financial assistance.  

At what age do you recommend routine eye exams?

Routine eye exams can be performed as early at 6 months of age. If you have any concerns of eye turns, eye health, visual accuity or any other questions we recommend scheduling an appointment. We recommend eye exams at ages 2, 4 and every year after that. 

My child has great vision, why should I get their eyes checked?

It is always a good idea to get an eye exam! Children don't always know to verbalized that they can't see. Some vision problems might be in just one eye or even in focusing up close. Poor vision can go undetected for years. This can affect many aspects of their life, including coordination and progress in school. In addition to checking the prescription or visual accuity, Eye exams also check the health of the eye. Conditions such as cataracts, amblyopia, or strabiumus might be present in a child and go untreated unless detected through an eye exam.

Do you see special needs children?

Yes, we welcome all children of all ages and abilities. If your child needs special accomadations, please let the staff know how we can best assist you to make your experience pleasant.  You are welcome to visit the office and meet the staff and Doctor prior to your visit. 

What other providers offer vision therapy?

We are currently the only prodivers in Twin Falls that offer vision therapy. Many families have taken their children to Boise, Idaho Falls, or Salt Lake to recieve these services in the past. We are so glad that we can bring vision therapy to the Magic Valley and provide specialized care for those in need.

Do you see adults?

Yes! Although we specialize in children's eye care, we can see the entire family, even grandma and grandpa. We carry frame styles that fit adults and appeal to all ages. 

Should I schedule all my children the same day?

It is up to you! Be aware that each new patient exam takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes. We have found that more that 2 kids in a family per day can be stressful on the children and parents. Our staff is happy to have the family here, and all are welcome in the exam room.