I heard about Dr. Nielsen during a meeting at school. My 9-year-old son has always struggled with reading, but had great comprehension. As a teacher, I had tried all the strageties I knew of to help my child read, but no avail. When I heard of vision therapy, I was intrigued. Could this be the one thing that could help my son? We initially went in for a normal eye exam then preceed with the testing for therapy. Dr. Nielsen was amazing with my child, he could relate to him on many levels, making him feel comfortable.

My husband was a little skepitcal about the idea of vision therapy, but when we went in for the results everything Dr. Nielsen said rang true. We started the therapy at the beginning of the school year. At the time, my son was reading two to three grade levels below. His reading ability was also effecting his math because he wasn't able to read the words. Within four weeks of starting, we bagan to see little changes in his reading and his confidence. His reading was smoother, he actually wanted to try and figure out the larger words with no help, and he was reading faster. 

By the end of our sessions, our son was reading at grade level and his math scores were on level as well. 

Dr. Nielsen is a fantastic doctor who is able to relate to children on their level, making them feel comfortable and confident. I would recommend Dr. Nielsen to anyone, especially to the parents of children who struggle with reading. Vision therapy may just be that miracle answer. 

-- Dottie Henkelman