There are many credible websites that publish content on vision therapy. Here are a few that we recommend visiting for more information. There is also information on our website.

Vision Therapy

College of Optometrist in Vision Development

All About Vision


Various apps designed for vision exercise can be downloaded on to mobile devices and/or tablets. They can be a fun form of practice at home. We do recommend limiting time on screens.


Reading is of course encouraged for our patients, but the books we are recommending here are for parents/caretakers. These books or research articles can be a great source of insight.

“Vision Problems In Children with Sensory Processing Disorder” Lynn F. Hellerstein, Sensory Focus Magazine Fall 2014 pg 10-14.

“When Your Child Struggles- The Myth of 20/20 Vision” – David Cook

“Fixing My Gaze- A Scientist Journey into Seeing Three Dimensions” –Susan R. Barry