Caring For Your Glasses

  • ALWAYS STORE in a hard case and in the same place. A hard case protects the structure of the frames from getting bent or broken. Storing in the same place makes for easy finding!
  • REMOVE EYEGLASSES with both hands lifting up and over the ears to prevent bending around hinges. SUPER TIPS for SUPER GLASSES
  • AVOID WEARING ON THE HEAD where they can easily fall off. If needing to take off, store glasses in case.
  • KEEP THEM OUT of the bathroom or around sinks where splatters and sprays are likely to happen.
  • KEEP AWAY FROM pets and younger siblings. Chew marks may void warranty.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Cleaning

the DO’S

Clean glasses on a regular basis. Make it a morning or nightly routine to keep lenses clear and functioning properly.

Clean lenses with Lens Cleaning Solution and clean microfiber cloth specially designed to be gentle on special lens coatings. Kits can be purchase in the office.

For extra dirty glasses, rinse under warm water and clean using a mild dish soap. Rinse off all soap suds before drying.

Gently dry with a clean microfiber cloth or soft, lint-free cotton in straight motion. Careful not to apply too much pressure.

the DONT’S

Don’t use a t-shirt or tissues to polish your lenses. They may contain rough fibers or dirt that can scratch the lenses. Over time this will dull the lenses making visibility cloudy and deteriorate any lens coatings.

Don’t use any type of household cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, or vinegar to clean lenses. These are too abrasive for the lenses.

Don’t forget to clean on a regular basis! Keep those lenses clean and clear for the best vision!