Lens Warranty

We highly recommend Anti-Reflective Coating on all lenses. This technology not only helps your lenses clean easier, but also provides a stronger protection against scratches. Remember nothing is scratch proof only scratch resistant. AR Coating also guarantees a one-year warranty for any manufacturer defects and excessive scratching.

Warranty Coverage:

  • Breaks/Cracks/Chips
  • Excessive scratching making visibility difficult
  • Manufacturer defects or damages

Warranty Exemptions:

  • Scratches on NON-AR coated lenses
  • Chewed Lenses
  • Lost or Stolen

Frame Warranty

We guarantee a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all frames. If there are any damages or breaks that are unfixable, frames may be replaced. Please bring broken frames into our trained staff for repairs. Do not attempt to fix on your own as this may void the warranty.

Warranty Coverage:

  • Frame breaks/bends
  • Hinge breaks/malfunctions
  • Nosepiece breaks
  • Manufacturer’s defects or damages

Warranty Exemptions:

  • Glued frames
  • Chewed frames
  • Lost or Stolen

Understanding Your Warranty

We hope you love your new glasses and are completely satisfied with their performance. We understand that accidents happen and kids can be tough on glasses! We encourage you to pick out frames best suited for your activity needs. (Ask about our flexible technologies!) But remember, nothing is unbreakable. We encourage you to teach your children the importance of taking care of their glasses. We honor a one year manufacturer’s warranty on both lenses and frames.

We also offer free unlimited lifetime cleaning and adjustments. If you find that your glasses are slipping or not fitting comfortably, please come in! Do not attempt to adjust the frames on your own, this can lead to unnecessary breaks or damage. We would be happy to have your glasses adjusted and cleaned by one of our trained staff. Our goal is for you to feel good in your frames and be confident in your purchase.

Because our frames and lens come from various manufacturer’s, they are treated with different warranty coverage. If you are in need of both lens and frame replacement, this may increase the turn around time.

The only charge to replace your lens or frames is a $15 processing fee and you are on your way to fresh glasses! The processing fee covers lab fees, shipping and labor costs incurred by our office. The processing fee is separate for the frames and lenses due to the nature of various manufacturers